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The Friendly Invitation





Mr Francis Anderson W.S
Mr James Hunter
And his son Mr George Hunter

The graphic scene appears from the point to have occurred in the Parliament Square and was probably witnessed by the artist from his own shop window.
Mr Hunter is in the act of inviting his friend Mr Anderson to dinner – the excessive deafness of the latter accounting for the singular posture in which the parties are placed.
Mr Francis Anderson, brother to the banker of that name, was a Writer to the Signet, and held the appointment of Deputy Auditor in the Exchequer. He resided in George Street and had his office in the Royal Exchanges. His father who lived at Stoneyhill, was factor to the Earl of Wemyss, to which situation the subject of our notice latterly succeeded.
Mr Anderson, though somewhat ?ough in his manner, was of a benevolent and amiable disposition and was much esteemed by his friends. He lived long a bachelor; but at length ?????? on leading to the hy?????? alter a Miss Martin, whose mother was one of the gatekeepers at the seat of the late Lord Melville.
It was a matter of some surprise that Mr Anderson did not attempt to choose from a higher rank. This he accounted for in his own blunt but hones manner. When asked by the Earl of Wemyss one day, how he came to marry his sisters waiting maid “ he replied – I couldn’t be ?ashed courting a lady; for we did ? ken nae lady would tak’ a long leggit deaf thick shank?? like me; besides I liked the lassie, and the lassie liked me; and that’s the way I took her.